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Etiquette For Dummies - Sue Fox I got two mails on goodreads from the same guy the other day. The first was a marriage proposal. The second was the friends request. Seriously. Surely part of the modern guide to manners should include this basic point. Friends request first, then marriage proposal. Possibly rethink the proposal if the friends request is turned down.

And do I need to state the obvious? You are a much better chance if you've voted for one of my reviews. Fair dos.

Having said that, I do admire the way Ayub came straight to the point. None of this Victorian dilly dallying for him. The subject of his proposal was 'marry' and the text said just this:

Hi how r u can we marry

I dunno, Ayub. I'm throwing this one out to my friends on goodreads. What are friends for if not to give caring advice at such a time as this?

The next thing is for all bots to read. I was once described as 'blatantly heterosexual' by a girl who wanted to try it on. So, to all the dyke bots out there, please stop, I'm not going to change. Of course, male bots are welcome. But you'd be best off following the procedure described in paragraph one.

The new face of goodreads.