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I'm Not Scared - Niccolò Ammaniti, Jonathan Hunt Well, he may not be scared but call me utterly terrifed. I find it hard to believe the book could be better or even equal to the film which I've seen twice and I wasn't any less scared the second time.

I must confess that I've done no more than flick through the book and check the odd scene here and there. Sorry, book, but the visual spectacle of the film simply outdoes in spades anything you can do in words.

The first thing I wanted to do when I saw this film was give it to my father. It was a story of what his life would have been like if my grandfather hadn't made the decision to leave Calabria for something better - Australia, as it happened. Since my father bitterly resents his childhood, I thought it might do him good to see how bad it might have been.

But I couldn't make myself do this. I was plain scared of how terrified he would be. I was scared of the demons it would awaken inside him.

See the movie if you can, it's brilliant. And don't be put off by my terror. It is also sweet and gentle, and a lovely reflection on childhood.