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Mein Kampf - Adolf Hitler So I tried looking at things from that point of view of the people on goodreads who give this book 2 or 3 stars. I mean, none I get. FIVE I get. But TWO. What’s that all about? What sort of mind would you have? Nothing if not intrepidly brave (I did start reading Harry Potter, credit where credit is due), I decided to go where no man would normally dare...

Okay, so you can’t give it five stars in all conscience. It was a manifesto for taking over the world and ridding it of various groups of people and that so didn’t happen. Not long after WWII and Jewish people have their own country, nuclear weapons and policies towards their neighbours that’d make Hitler sit up in his grave, smacking himself on the forehead saying ‘Now why didn’t I think of that?’ Gypsies are everywhere playing music and you can even buy it online and everything. I mean, whereever you turn there is some group of people Hitler manifestly failed to extinguish despite giving it his best shot. And personally, I don’t think mediocrity should be encouraged. Kids in school shouldn't be given prizes for not winning and I don’t think Hitler should be given ‘it didn’t work this time, but we are still giving you a vote and maybe next time you’ll - ’ either. Meanwhile, the great motherland is now a place people go to if they really like beer festivals.

On the other hand. I only gave Harry Potter one star.

I have a new shelf now. Better written than Harry P.