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Who Killed Leanne Holland? - Graeme Crowley, Paul Wilson This is a justice-gone-wrong story and it's a shocker.

Luckily for Stafford who was sentenced to life in gaol for the particularly appalling murder of a young girl, private investigator Graeme Crowley couldn't let it go. Having been employed by Stafford's family after Stafford was sentenced, he made it his life's work to get to the truth. As he said, it wasn't just because a clearly innocent man went to gaol but because this in itself meant a brutal sadistic killer was still at large.

How Stafford could have been picked on by the police in the first place, let alone failed on appeal more than once, beggars belief.

At the time Crowley went to press, about fifteen years after Stafford was first sentenced, it was as a last resort to get people interested. You can see a two part documentary about the case here: http://www.abc.net.au/austory/specials/bodyofevidence2/default.htm

Since then, the story has had a happy ending, if such a dreadful tale could ever be thus concluded: http://www.mako.org.au/ausnews566.html

A story like this always has much to inspire. In this case I was particularly struck by a member of the jury, who realised, as soon as he started reading the book, that he had been part of a horrendous miscarriage of justice and he set about doing what he could to right that wrong.

There are good people out there, who for no reason whatsoever but principle, make the world a better place. The TV documentary show which covered this is unique in its portrayal of ordinary people doing amazing things and this is an uplifting example.

To be avoided by: cynics. It'll just spoil your day.