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A Victorian Alphabet of Every Day Recipes

A Victorian Alphabet of Every Day Recipes - Isabella Beeton So I've been keeping an eye out for owls when walking around Geneva as my eye was caught by one of the recipes in this book:

Owls, Simmered with Oysters.

I've never cooked owl before, but the combination was fascinating to consider, if perhaps a little too alliterative. Not to mention, if there is one way to make people take care what they give you for your birthday, this would be it, don't you think? That? Just a little something from that book you bought me. A bit of a hoot, don't you think?

However. I've just picked this up again and wondered why on earth the principal ingredient picture was of chooks not owls....

Whooooooooooops. It isn't a recipe for Owl and Oyster at all! The first letters have been done in fancy Victorian illustrated block style: it says Fowl and Oyster.

I'm uncertain as to whether to be relieved or disappointed. What about you, Manny?

Oh, I should mention if you never want to cook rabbit again, take a look at the rabbit pie recipe: it is faced by a page of the cutest little bunny wunnies ever to come out of a children's nursery book. Hilarious.