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Red Sky Morning

Red Sky Morning - Tom Holloway A stunning triumph for form and style, as well as for the daring of Redstitch to put this on - well, commission it, not merely stage it. Melbourne readers of this, if you aren't yet subscribers and attenders of Redstitch, shame on you.

Throughout this play all the characters who are on stage at the same time speak at once. I have no idea why the reviews I've seen don't mention this as it strikes me as both brave and unusual. The incredible thing is it works. To begin with you think it will be like watching News on the television these days where you are torn between reading the stuff up the top, the stuff down the bottom or should you be listening to the guy talking or - and it all passes you by as you make this decision. But NO, NO, NO. This is not what happens here! Somehow I believe that you intuitively know what you should be listening to. Well, either this is intuitive or a very clever manipulation by the play's construction. At any rate, what might fail dismally in fact remains etched in my memory as one of the best pieces of theatre I've ever seen.