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Coping With Sexism in the Military (Military Opportunity Series)

Coping with Sexism in the Military - Mary V. Stremlow You know those questions Maggie poses in Extras? Would you rather be born with three legs and one arm or three arms and one leg. And Andy says ‘Well, it..’

So what about this one, derived from watching Four Corners on some of the niceties of behaviour in the Australian military forces.

Would you rather:

(a) be a girl in the Australian army, raped by a group of chaps in a bedroom with the door open so people can glance in on their way past; when finished with, get kicked out of the room naked; complain to the authorities and end up being fined for sexual misconduct.


(b) be a boy in the Australian army, raped for several hours with a vacuum cleaner; have a turned on (and I do cringe, having written that) vacuum cleaner placed on your testicles for a long period of time, it is also used on your body. When finished with you, you go to hospital to be attended to, your testicles in particular need medical help.


I would a hundred times rather be (a)

Which leads me to conclude that in some ways, being a girl in the army could be better than being a boy. Some sort of inadvertent positive discrimination towards girls, one could say.

You can find the original documentary here: http://www.abc.net.au/4corners/content/2011/s3239681.htm