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Selected Games of Chess, 1948-69

Larsen's Selected Games Of Chess, 1948 69; - Bent Larsen Bent Larsen, who died yesterday, changed my life. More than any one else he directed the course of how I played chess. I spent my short career playing 1.b3 - Larsen's opening and the older, but closely related 1.f4. If you were to tempt me to play right now, that too is what I would choose.

Oh. Let me add one confession, which Tal would have enjoyed, though I don't know about Larsen. Occasionally since I formally gave up my chess ambitions I have been forced back to the tournament table. I came upon the idea that both 1.b3 and 1.f4 went with an eventual e3. Now, I was way, way out of my depth playing tournaments years after I'd given up and I needed an edge. What about this for an idea....start with 1.e3 and it would look like I didn't have a clue. Especially if I acted really girly about it. Pick up the e pawn, put it on e4 (as you would), DON'T take your fingers off, uncertainly pop it back a square. Ummm....e4? Or e3. When I finally left it there on e3 I hoped that I looked like a patzer. I mean, even more than I was.

You will be greatly missed, Bent Larsen.