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Why Women Lose at Bridge (Master Bridge Series)

Why Women Lose at Bridge - Joyce Nicholson A straight-forward account of the many obvious reasons why there are no women at the top of bridge.

The thing that surprised me most about this book was how angry it made people. Not long after it came out I was in London playing bridge. I was staying with a girl who wore pants all the time, no makeup, generally completely ungirly. And yet she, like many in the UK were furious to have been called 'women' rather than 'ladies'. I was shocked.

Then again, it was found necessary to counter it. I found myself playing a world championship with Joyce not long after the book came out. An English chap came to the table and announced that he was writing a refutation of that dreadful Nicholson woman's book. Did we have any hands to contribute. Well, I rather expected Joyce to hit him with her handbag. Instead she reached into it, pulled out the card of her lawyer and gave it to him with some appropriate 'see you in court' message.

The book did come out, you can find it here:

[b:Why Women Win at Bridge|2802918|Why Women Win at Bridge|Daniel Roth|http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/316FT0DTJZL._SL75_.jpg|2828800]

A more ludicrous response one couldn't imagine. Honestly, it's a collection of hands played well by women. I'm so relieved that in general I'm considered a boy in bridge. Anything to distance myself from this humiliating publication.